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What To expect

A Journey with Boo: Our friendly ghost, Boo, will be your guide through this magical Halloween adventure. As you drive through, you'll join him on his quest to find Halloween Town, meeting a host of whimsical characters and navigating through enchanting scenes along the way.

Larger-than-Life Decorations: Prepare to be amazed by our breathtaking Halloween decorations. From towering inflatables reaching up to 50 feet to intricate light shows that paint the night, every scene is a visual treat.

Interactive Elements: While the journey is car-based, expect interactive moments that will captivate and engage. Whether it's helping Boo make decisions or participating in fun challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

EZ-Flow Ticketing: Say goodbye to long waits! Our EZ-Flow ticketing system ensures a smooth check-in experience, allowing you to dive straight into the Halloween magic.

Safety First: As a drive-thru event, we prioritize the safety of our attendees. Clear signage, staff guidance, and well-lit paths will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

A Feast for the Senses: Beyond the visual spectacle, immerse yourself in the ambient sounds of Halloween, from the distant hoot of an owl to the playful laughter of ghosts. Each scene is accompanied by its unique soundtrack, enhancing the overall experience.

Duration: The entire journey is designed to be a leisurely experience, taking approximately 45 minutes. However, with so much to see and enjoy, feel free to set your own pace.

All-Ages Fun: While the event is designed to be family-friendly and not scary, it promises thrills and fun for attendees of all ages. From young kids to adults, everyone will find moments of wonder and joy.

End with a Bang: As you approach the end of your journey, prepare for a grand finale in Halloween Town, where Boo and all his friends come together for a heartwarming celebration.

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